About Our Yoga & Fitness Program


Yin Yoga works into the connective tissues of the body and very beneficial when practiced regularly to stimulate deep into the ligaments, joints and bones where other style of yoga usually pay more attention to the muscles. This soft approach and passive practice can be quite challenging due to the longer holds in poses. A comfortable room temperature allows the magic to happen within the fascia of your body while the stillness of the postures will result in a relaxation of your nervous system.

Use of props like yoga blocks, yoga bolsters, yoga straps and even home made rolled up towels are useful to help you get into and stay in the pose comfortably. Each Yin Yoga video usually will specify areas of the body that is worked on so you are able to choose your practice for that day by looking at the description of each video.

"Find your first edge, Stay, Allow time and gravity to work its magic"


Bikram Yoga is a precise series of 26 holding postures to improve strength, mental focus, muscle tone and also a cardiovascular training with a lot of therapeutic benefits as a result of the compression and release in these specific asanas. Practicing Bikram Yoga with the absence of the usual heat of 104 degrees Fahrenheit in our hot room is still very much beneficial to your vascular health, flexibility and balance. 

Our Bikram Yoga video will display clear audio instructions with visual demonstration from usually one practitioner in the background. Overtime you may find that the audio instructions are enough to help you transition from pose to pose as you practice regularly. You may choose the length of your daily practice from 60 minutes or the 90 (coming soon) minutes instruction videos.

No props are usually necessary besides your yoga mat.


Currently not yet available in our On-Demand Selection.  Work In Progress!

Vinyasa is also known as Flow Yoga that involves a lot of shoulder or upper body strength as you transition into chaturangas and down dogs positions. These continuous flow of movements builds core strength, improves flexibility and mobility of the spine while continuously stretching and twisting your entire body. The knowledge and creativity of teachers in positioning every asanas into an intelligent sequence continue to challenge the mind and body of practitioners and students of yoga and movements.

Blocks can be helpful in some of the asanas besides your yoga mat.


This is a very popular HIIT class that uses a combination of TABATA and CIRCUIT training to help you shape up quickly and effectively! Our videos have options of 45 mins or 60 mins classes and target different areas of the body. Inferno Pilates uses Pilates principle of controlled movements to build tight, long, lean looking muscles in a very short amount of time. With consistent practice you will see tighter abdominals, stronger upper body and leaner sculpted glutes! We recommend low impact exercises to keep the joint safe. 

You will see in the title of videos when hand-weights or resistance bands are required. Light and medium hand-weights are recommended due to the high repetition of movements. Heavier hand-weights are recommended when dead lifts are performed or when there are less repetitions in the series. Resistance bands are great for glutes activation and control of movements. Incorporating weight training in your fitness regimen helps fight osteoporosis, strengthen your muscles and bones plus so much more benefits!

You will need a yoga mat for the floor series. Choose from full body workouts, Cardio and body weight training or targeted areas with hand weights options.


BodyArt concept of holistic training is based on the five elements of water, wood, fire, metal and water from Traditional Chinese Medicine. You will learn to move with awareness using the far eastern theories of meridian and energy lines combined with the western ways of cardiovascular training. Learn to move your body with deep breaths to release stress and emotions stored in your nervous systems. Every movement connects to the principles of Yin and Yang to bring balance and conscious awareness to the inner self.

Various BodyArt classes are available on our selection of videos. Some of them are Basic ( focus on basic alignment) , Deepwork ( Cardiovascular training ), Core and Balance ( focus on the power house with more holding poses) and Strength & Flow ( sequence build up into a beautiful flow of movement ).

You will need a yoga mat.